With Laura Miller

With Laura Miller

4 Episodes

Artists, craftspeople and friends explore food and the natural world through Laura’s own quirky lens. Whether it’s playing with puppies or tie dying with vegetables, Laura shows us how easy it is to dig in and get back to our roots.

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With Laura Miller
  • A New Frontier

    Episode 1

    You don't need a lot of space to grow your own produce & you can use natural elements to create healing products for the body. Also, our most bizarre one-of-a-kind magnum opus - it's a new frontier.

  • Party Tricks

    Episode 2

    Laura's got tricks up her sleeve. First, she enlists some help to make kombucha's cousin, kompot. Next, it's feel good treats for your pup. And finally - a yacht party! But not that kind - we mean the band YACHT! Enjoy.

  • The Great Outdoors

    Episode 3

    Laura teams up with Mia & Pascal for a foraging adventure and outdoor meal. Then, we learn which veggies and spices make the best dyes. Finally, you can never have too many tomatoes! Soup, salad and a perfect Bloody Mary blend are in your future.

  • Fab Friends

    Episode 4

    Surprise! Laura is equally crafty when it comes to woodwork. Then, fabulous recipes & a backyard brunch to knock your friend's socks off! Finally, Laura visits ceramicist Georgia Hodges at her studio in SF, and together, they create a unique piece.