The Food Ranger

The Food Ranger

11 Episodes

Trevor James, AKA, “The Food Ranger” is a Canadian taking Asia by storm. His passion for discovering new cultures is surpassed only by his boundless appetite for exploring the world one new dish at a time.

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The Food Ranger
  • Sichuan Street Food Tour

    Episode 1

    The Food Ranger travels to Pengzhou, China to try six insanely delicious Sichuan street foods like smoked duck, spicy pork brain, and tripe salad.

  • The Road to Xi'an

    Episode 2

    The Food Ranger travels the ancient silk road through Xi'an where he visits with the Chinese Hui population who specialize in hand pulled noodles and Halal Chinese food.

  • Street Food in Xi'an

    Episode 3

    The Food Ranger continues his adventures through Xi'an and explores the delicacies of the large Hui population which includes hand pulled noodles and Halal Chinese food.

  • Xi'an Noodle Tour

    Episode 4

    The Food Ranger experiences the unique and traditional ways the famous restauranteurs of Xi'an craft their delicious hand-pulled noodles.

  • Xining Specialties

    Episode 5

    The Food Ranger's journey along the silk road continues as he surveys some of the unusual specialties of the Hui Muslims in Xining, China.

  • Hungry, Hungry Hyderabad

    Episode 6

    The Food Ranger finds himself in Hyderabad during Ramadan where he enjoys the area's Hindu food culture.

  • Halal in Hyderabad

    Episode 7

    Trevor goes behind the scenes in Hyderabad, visiting the factory kitchen to watch the masters make the famous Hyderabadi biryani.

  • Sun Down in Delhi

    Episode 8

    Trevor and Anubhav check out another side of Delhi, sampling a huge assortment of street foods and Ramadan specialties after sun down.

  • Mumbai Munchies

    Episode 9

    Trevor rides through Mumbai in search of the greatest treats the streets have to offer - and the city does not disappoint! Get ready for massive scrambled eggs, bicycle donuts, and seafood galore.

  • Mayhem in Mumbai

    Episode 10

    Trevor stalks the busy streets of India's most populous city in search of everything the street food scene has to offer. Buckle up! This is one wild ride.

  • Cool New Test Video

    Episode 11

    Damn this is cool