18 Episodes

From ice cream and cake to every other colorful confection in between, it's time to sugarcoat your senses with Sweeten.

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  • Let Them Eat Cake

    Episode 1

    Let them eat cake, and they shall with hosted recipes, how-tos and stunning bake shops.

  • We Scream for Ice Cream

    Episode 2

    I scream you scream, let's all scream for the many, many ways to make ice cream!

  • Creative Cookies

    Episode 3

    These aren't what your grandma made.

  • Chocaholics

    Episode 4

    Get a dose of that sweet, sweet medicine.

  • Taste the Rainbow

    Episode 5

    Take a trip somewhere over the rainbow with confections in all colors of the spectrum.

  • Berry Sweet

    Episode 6

    Bursting with flavor, these recipes are bound to satisfy any sweet tooth!

  • Ultimate Indulgence

    Episode 7

    Indulge yourself with these delectable treats!

  • Donut Worry, Be Happy!

    Episode 8

    Happy National Donut Day! We're celebrating with the most delicious and unexpected flavors of your favorite round treats.

  • Fork of July

    Episode 9

    Red, white, and... blueberries! Get ready to take a bite of these star-spangled delights.

  • Spaced Out
    Episode 10

    Spaced Out

    Episode 10

    In honor of the Apollo 11 moon landing's 50th anniversary, we're launching some out of this world treats.

  • Bite Size
    Episode 11

    Bite Size

    Episode 11

    Brownie bites, marshmallows and other finger foods to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  • Cup Love
    Episode 12

    Cup Love

    Episode 12

    Milkshakes, cookie shots sweet coffee drinks, and other delicacies you can put a straw into.

  • Tricks (and Treats)

    Episode 13

    Dishes designed to fool your senses, from sweet spaghetti to beautiful, edible works of art.

  • Got Bars
    Episode 14

    Got Bars

    Episode 14

    Homemade candy bars, fudge and more.

  • The Inside Scoop

    Episode 15

    Ice cream, ice cream, and more ice cream.

  • One Smart Cookie

    Episode 16

    Giant cookies, space cookies, and other sweet cookie recipes.

  • Pot of Gold
    Episode 17

    Pot of Gold

    Episode 17

    From Mousse Cups to Cookie Pots, there are a whole lot of sweet desserts for you to dip in to.

  • Tarts and Pies

    Episode 18

    Tarts, Pies, and more...oh my!