8 Episodes

From foraging in the wild to putting on dinner parties in exotic locales, experience life through Tastemade's resident renaissance man, Guy Turland.

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  • On the Water

    Episode 1

    Guy takes a trip on the floating markets of Thailand, gathers barnacles on the deadly cliffs of Portugal, and throws a drool-worthy feast in Melbourne.

  • Island Hopping

    Episode 2

    Guy discovers that island life is not all ocean swims and sun bathing... at least not while sourcing matcha in Japan, deadly Stone Fish in the Philippines and ingredients for a local feast in Orcas Island.

  • All the Markets

    Episode 3

    Green markets, fish markets, all the markets! Guy heads to Italy, Japan, and the California's Central Coast and discovers where some of the oldest, most sacred and freshest ingredients come from.

  • From Volcanoes to Redwoods

    Episode 4

    From Sicilian pistachios grown in the shadow of Mount Etna, to an epic feast under the California Redwoods Guy travels to some of the most visually stunning areas in the world to source and cook with amazing ingredients.

  • Regional Favorites

    Episode 5

    Whether it’s mole in Mexico or tiramisu in Italy, Guy gets a taste of regional specialties and uncovers the ingredients that give them their characteristic flavor.

  • Found in the Wild

    Episode 6

    Guy takes it back to our hunter-gatherer days as he forages on both land and sea for aromatic truffles, giant mushrooms and coastal clams.

  • Catch of the Day

    Episode 7

    Guy uncovers the many ways to catch a fish... and oysters! From fly fishing in Seattle, braving Australia's crocodile infested rivers for Barramundi and hand picking oysters on the Puget Sound, there's never a dull moment on the water.

  • At the Frontlines of Food

    Episode 8

    Guy connects with local artisans and farmers throughout Spain and California to get a closer look at the people who grow olives, raise goats and make bread. Using ingredients from local farmers, he creates a mouth watering feast to remember.