8 Episodes

Erwan Heussaff explores some of the lesser known islands in the Philippines, meeting the indigenous people, and getting a rare glimpse into their unique culinary and cultural traditions.

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  • Pearls in Palawan

    Episode 1

    Erwan travels to the gorgeous island of Palawan where he meets with the locals and learns about pearl farming.

  • Octopus in Isabela

    Episode 2

    In this episode, Erwan travels to the remote area of Palanan in Isabela, where he meets the Dumagat tribe and learns how to catch an octopus the traditional way.

  • Mud Crab in Dumaguete

    Episode 3

    Erwan learned how to catch crustaceans while growing up, but in Dumaguete, he discovers their unique regional approach to catching mud crabs.

  • Rainbow Runner in Apo Island

    Episode 4

    Apo Island is famous for its marine Sanctuary. Erwan meets environmentalists and learns about the Rainbow Runner fish.

  • Fruit Bat in Mindoro

    Episode 5

    On the island of Mindoro, Erwan samples a traditional Filipino Adobo, made with an unlikely source of protein - locally caught fruit bats.

  • Flying Fish in Batanes

    Episode 6

    Batanes, known for its breathtaking coastline, is home to the mataw fishermen clan. With their guidance, Erwan sets out to catch dorado by using flying fish as bait.

  • Smoked Pork in Sagada

    Episode 7

    In the mountainous region of Sagada, Erwan sets out to find out more about a local favorite smoked pork: Etag. Along the way, he meets a French chef, an Etag producer, and a local cook who teaches him about indigenous Igorot dishes.

  • World's Smallest Edible Fish in Bicol

    Episode 8

    Known as the tiniest edible fish in the world, sinarapan are found in the many lakes covering the Bicol region. We follow Erwan as he attempts to catch these minuscule fish and see the many ways they can be prepared.