6 Episodes

Join Aida Mollenkamp as she seeks out insiders-only culinary destinations at home and abroad. Aida’s mission is to dine like a local, exploring everything from unmarked restaurants to secret menu items. Let Aida be your guide to a world of flavor waiting for you just down the street, or a plane ticket away.

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  • Amsterdam & Paris

    Episode 1

    Amsterdam is a city unlike any other. As the capital of the Netherlands, it’s home to a plethora of historic sights and culinary delights. Known as The City of Light, Paris can feel anchored in another time, while a dynamic food scene keeps evolving.

  • Dublin & Copenhagen

    Episode 2

    In Dublin, verdant fields yield impeccable produce, and the coastal waters offer the finest seafood.
    Copenhagen's food scene caters to all, and regardless of where you eat, it's high quality, locally sourced, and globally inspired.

  • Barcelona & Rome

    Episode 3

    Barcelona is defined by quirky architecture, imaginative food and vibrant street life.
    "Cucina Romana," is unique to Rome and vastly different from every other part of Italy.

  • New York & D.C.

    Episode 4

    NYC's long immigration history and numerous urban and ethnic clusters have greatly influenced its food and culture.
    Steeped in rich history, Washington, D.C. is home to all three branches of the government — but it’s not all politics and power suits.

  • Nashville & Chicago

    Episode 5

    Over the past decade, Nashville has evolved beyond a destination for country music - it’s a culinary powerhouse too.
    Once known for deep-dish pizza and hot dogs, Chicago is quickly becoming one of the country’s most revered culinary destinations.

  • Honolulu & Los Angeles

    Episode 6

    Fine dining or a traditional plate lunch in Honolulu, there's no mistaking that myriad cultures influence the islands’ culinary flavors. In L.A., go beyond Hollywood hot spots - these folks serve authentic dishes from across the world.