6 Episodes

Clean living doesn't have to be tasteless. Show your body some love with nutritious recipes that taste as good as they feel.

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  • Haas to Your Health

    Episode 1

    Help yourself to a healthy serving of nature's green gift.

  • Fresh from the Fields

    Episode 2

    From the soil to the vine, we're showing you delicious recipes using fresh fruit.

  • Superfoods

    Episode 3

    The best foods for your body.

  • Health in a Nutshell

    Episode 4

    You'll go nuts for these nutritious recipes.

  • Don't be a Herb - Use Them!

    Episode 5

    Your favorite Tastemakers share the secrets behind the best herb practices and dishes spiced to perfection.

  • Guilt-free Desserts

    Episode 6

    Take another bite of that delicious treat! We replaced all those guilty ingredients with nature's sweet alternatives.