New This Week

  • Beef Kofta Curry and Spring Frittata

    On today’s menu are Beef kofta curry, fluffy rice, beans and peas, plus Spring frittata, tomato toasts, watercress & pea salad.

  • Trucked Out

    FG launches his food truck in the heart of Toronto’s financial district. He learns there can be a few fiery moments when it comes to operating a food truck, but thankfully his girlfriend, Kyla, is there to rein him in.

  • Malaysian Gula Melaka

    In Melaka, Malaysia, Donal braves the Durian Puff then meets Chef Wan to see how Gula Melaka, a rich dark palm sugar, is made.

  • Modern Cuisine in Mexico City

    Join Gerardo Lopez as he meets the chefs and restaurateurs at the forefront of Mexican cuisine in Mexico City.

  • Mexican Home-Cooking

    Chef Bricia is sharing her family's favorites; creamy, Squash and Pasilla Pepper Soup, and their OG “Green Spaghetti” - yes, they eat spaghetti in Oaxaca! Flavored with rich chilies and spices and topped with cotija cheese - you won’t miss the tomatoes. And let’s not forget dessert - Mexican Chur...

  • Fia-nomenal Food

    Chef Brendan is inviting you in for a sneak peek into the menu behind his new restaurant phenom “Fia”. He’s sharing his secrets for creating his magical Lobster Bolognese, then he makes an ethereal Olive Oil Cake that he tops with creme fraiche … Compliments to the Chef!

  • White Fish Tagine and Spicy Cajun Chicken

    Jamie’s cooking White fish tagine, carrot, mint & clementine salad, plus Spicy Cajun chicken, smashed sweet potato and fresh corn salsa.

  • Pork vs. Lobster vs. Man

    FAME (Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere) approaches FG to throw a charitable four days. The pressure is on to pull together a successful event.

  • Deep Fried Jewish

    Chef Holden is going rogue and taking classic Jewish dishes and turning them on their heads. He’s Deep frying matzo balls and then slathering them in a cheese-y fondue, and he is spicing up Tumeric Roasted Chicken Thighs with middle eastern spices and fruit.