New This Week

  • Au Revoir... For Now!

    On the hottest day of the summer, Alice says goodbye to her friends and the city she loves.

  • Umbria, Italy

    A trip to Umbria finds Curtis chasing canine companions for black truffles and getting a tutorial from a master of porchetta.

  • A Year in Port
    1 season

    A Year in Port

    1 season

    Journey into Portugal's spectacular Douro Valley to explore the mystery and complexity of the world of port.

  • A Year in Champagne

    1 season

    Discover the essence of champagne produced by independent makers who still turn every bottle by hand, as well as the 200 year-old houses who have shaped the wine's image globally.

  • A Year in Burgundy

    1 season

    Follow seven wine-making families in Burgundy, France as they cultivate the grapes and vines that provide deep ties to the land.

  • Aventures en Famille

    Alice enjoys the tastes and treats of the farmer’s market of Antibes. Back in Paris, she puts her little cousins to work making her famous apricot pie.

  • California's Central Coast

    Heading up the coast on Highway 1, Curtis visits with a couple who turned from tech to cheesemaking and savors sea urchin with the only female uni diver in California.

  • On the Move

    FG has had quite the year. His pop-up business is booming, his food truck is a huge hit, and his following is growing. In the season finale, he plans a one-year anniversary party at the El Mocambo to celebrate his success.

  • Sinfully Delicious

    Chef Mark LoRusso of Costa Di Mare brings a taste of Italy to Las Vegas with his fresh seafood and handmade pasta. Lotus of Siam, a family-run Thai spot, pioneers the unusual pairing of fiery Thai cuisine and sweet German Riesling wine.

  • Lombardy, Italy

    Curtis travels to the Lombardy region at the base of the Italian Alps where tours the prestigious Franciacorta vineyard and picks up a sparkling wine to pair with decadent sturgeon caviar.

  • City of Secret Love

    Alice hires an actor to date her sister Elsa and keep her sweet secret. The unlikely couple discover they have more in common than they thought.

  • Restaurant Heist

    Business is booming! FG is invited to develop a new menu item for the Yakitori restaurant opening. Meanwhile, the Yukon bar asks FG to host a pop-up/restaurant take-over at their Parkdale location.