New This Week

  • Temple of Seitan

    With all the talk about Vegan food, Daisy ventures to Camden to a fast food burger joint with a twist. Next stop, a hip mocktail bar in East London. Then, Daisy is joined by Georgia from Georgias cakes as they magic up their own custom mocktail with exotic fruits and funky garnishes.

  • Real Salad 101

    Chef Jason schools us in the art of making a “real salad” with seared heirloom tomatoes, avocado vinaigrette, house-made croutons and tops it off with THE perfect egg. Class is in session.

  • Rent Week

    It’s that time, the first of the month, when you spend your whole paycheck on rent and bills. Your fridge is looking pretty sad and the grocery budget is low. Frankie cooks up some go-to pantry meals and also teaches us how to better prepare for this time of the month. Learn what pantry essential...

  • Thai Chicken Laksa and Kinda Nicoise Salad

    Jamie Oliver cooks up a griddled tuna Nicoise salad and Thai chicken laksa made with a mildly-spiced curry and noodles.

  • Shabbat, Shalom!

    Chef Einat dishes out her tasty recipe for Spicy Fish in Harissa Sauce, Classic Tahini Sauce and Israeli Salad and serves it with some fresh Challah bread to soak up all that tasty goodness! Looking to impress at your next Shabbat dinner - here’s your answer!

  • Tuesday Night

    It’s a burger bonanza with Mary treating Aaron’s friends to a fast and flavourful midweek feast.

  • Sicilian-Style Pesto Pasta, Eggplant Parm and Fennel Salad

    Chef Akira and Chef Nick turn classic pesto on it’s head with a tomato and almond flecked Sicilian twist. To go with their southern masterpiece - Eggplant Parmesan and fresh fennel salad.

  • Chicken Casserole for the Soul

    Chef Royce shares his love of casserole by making us a Honey Curried Chicken Casserole with Cheese Chili Rice and a healthy serving of greens to round it out. You’ll love this quick dinner you can eat tonight, or freeze for a future lazy day.

  • Exploring The 'Wet Market' Of Nha Trang

    All aboard! In this episode, Luke hops on the train in Ga Thap Cham, and soon finds himself in beautiful Nha Trang- a region of Vietnam with a similar vibe to the French Riviera! Tag along as Luke hand-catches some tasty seafood, explores the streets for some fresh durian fruit, and visit a barra...

  • Mexican: Recipes from a Tasty Traveler

    Chef Parisa fell in love with the flavors of Mexico City on a recent trip - so tonight she is fusing the flavors of Mexico with her beloved Persian cuisine, creating new and exciting recipes just for you! To start, Persian Chile Relleno, Chopped Mediterranean Salad with a Jalapeno and Avocado Tw...

  • Sub Cult

    Daisy takes to the streets with sub sandwich addict Ben who runs ‘Sub Cult’, a rock and roll sandwich company. Next, Daisy learns how to make a rainbow lollipop with added Daisyness, of course. Finally, Daisy and her friend take a trip to the dark side as they experience what it’s like to eat a m...

  • Cinderella Shakshuka

    In this episode, Chef Einat puts her uniquely flavorful spin on the iconic, transformative North African egg dish - Shakshuka. To go along with it, she shows us how to make her daddy’s favorite Green S’chug - a slightly spicy red pepper condiment so good, you’ll want to carry it around with you ...

  • Beans Beans Beans

    Dried beans are the most affordable and healthy way to prepare them, with very little effort to boot. Frankie will teach the basics of preparing beans from scratch while making super tasty recipes. We also take a field trip to the grocery store to shop the bulk aisle where those dried beans live....

  • Falafel Wraps and Spiced Chicken Lentils

    Chef Jamie Oliver cooks up spiced chicken, bacon, asparagus and spinach lentils, plus falafel wraps, grilled veg and salsa.

  • And If Udon Know, Now You Do

    Chef Jason throws down his recipe for plump, homemade Udon Noodles with a steamy pork broth, bruleed onions, wilted greens, fried egg, and finishes it all off with some sweet and sour crab. Are you ready to teach those tastebuds who is boss. POW!