Nadiya's Family Favorites

Nadiya's Family Favorites

4 Episodes

Nadiya Hussain shows us how to create the perfect dishes to compliment any kind of day. Whether it’s a treat day, a family day out, a manic weekday or a wind-down weekend; Nadiya makes tasty and nourishing recipes that'll keep the whole family happy, even when you think you have nothing in the house.

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Nadiya's Family Favorites
  • Family Days Out

    Episode 1

    Nadiya Hussain creates dishes for the perfect family day out, visits a rapeseed farm in Northampton and meets Gillian, Cornish Pasty Amateur World Champion.

  • Family Get-Togethers

    Episode 2

    Nadiya Hussain creates dishes ideal for family get togethers, learns how to perfect her barbecue technique with BBQ-King James and meets Paul Ainsworth, Michelin Star chef and salt enthusiast.

  • Nothing in the House

    Episode 3

    Nadiya Hussain creates dishes for those ‘Nothing in the House Days’, visits a herb garden with spice expert Roopa and meets Lynn, a homemade pasta fanatic in Derby.

  • Manic Weekdays

    Episode 4

    Nadiya Hussain creates tasty dishes for manic weekdays, visits the world’s first cereal café in London, and rolls the dough with baker Heather at her Bread Baking Club.