Nadiya's Family Favorites

Nadiya's Family Favorites

8 Episodes

Nadiya Hussain shows us how to create the perfect dishes to compliment any kind of day. Whether it’s a treat day, a family day out, a manic weekday or a wind-down weekend; Nadiya makes tasty and nourishing recipes that'll keep the whole family happy, even when you think you have nothing in the house.

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Nadiya's Family Favorites
  • Family Days Out

    Episode 1

    Nadiya Hussain creates dishes for the perfect family day out, visits a rapeseed farm in Northampton and meets Gillian, Cornish Pasty Amateur World Champion.

  • Family Get-Togethers

    Episode 2

    Nadiya Hussain creates dishes ideal for family get togethers, learns how to perfect her barbecue technique with BBQ-King James and meets Paul Ainsworth, Michelin Star chef and salt enthusiast.

  • Nothing in the House

    Episode 3

    Nadiya Hussain creates dishes for those ‘Nothing in the House Days’, visits a herb garden with spice expert Roopa and meets Lynn, a homemade pasta fanatic in Derby.

  • Manic Weekdays

    Episode 4

    Nadiya Hussain creates tasty dishes for manic weekdays, visits the world’s first cereal café in London, and rolls the dough with baker Heather at her Bread Baking Club.

  • People to Stay

    Episode 5

    Nadiya Hussain creates dishes perfect for when people come to stay, learns all about chillies from self-confessed chili geek George, and meets coffee experts Dale and Dhan at the annual Coffee Festival in London.

  • Wind Down Weekends

    Episode 6

    Nadiya Hussain creates dishes for the perfect wind-down weekend, visits Britain’s first tea plantation in Cornwall and meets 102-year-old Nora, a homemade Marmalade champion.

  • Unexpected Guests

    Episode 7

    Nadiya Hussain creates quick dishes to whip up for unexpected guests, finds out how to make the best fudge with Jen, and delves into the world of vinegar with experts Andy and Angela.

  • Treat Days

    Episode 8

    Nadiya Hussain creates dishes to indulge in on treat days, dodges bees with Robert at his hives and discovers how to make perfect rice with Dr Stuart.