Make this Tonight

Make this Tonight

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What's that mouth-watering smell coming from the Tastemade kitchen? Pull up to the counter and join us for a hot meal.

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Make this Tonight
  • Mole Made Easy

    Episode 1

    Chef Bricia is here to show you how easy making mole at home can be! This Oaxacan masterpiece is a recipe straight from her family’s famous restaurant, Guelagatza, and she’s sharing it with you tonight! And to make the night even more scrumptious, she’s going to use it to top everyone’s favorite...

  • Japanese Feast

    Episode 2

    Feast your eyes on this Far East spread, delivered directly from Chef Holden’s personal memories straight to your home. Tonight, we indulge in Roasted Yellowtail Collar with Ponzu dipping sauce and some sweet and succulent Miso- Honey Glazed Maitake Mushrooms and celery root purée.

  • The Pies That Changed My Life!

    Episode 3

    Chef Monti shares her stories and recipes for the two tasty pies that literally changed the course of her life, forever. Determination and a deliciously good Apple pie gave this near homeless mom an opportunity of a lifetime. But it was her Pastelon, a Puerto Rican savory meat, cheese, and planta...

  • The Michelin-Style-Man: French Cooking 101

    Episode 4

    Pull up your chairs and watch Chef Brendan recreate dishes from his first lessons in a French Michelin starred kitchen. First, he transports you to a drive through the French countryside with his potted chicken liver mousse, then wows with a Loup De Mer en papillote with steamed manilla clams and...

  • 4/20 Highly Delicious Smashburger!

    Episode 5

    Tonight, Cannabis Chef Holden and his sister and Co-Founder of Altered Plates are whipping up a highly addictive Smashburger with Irish nachos! Toasty English muffins, loaded with 2 juicy all-beef patties, cheese and topped with Holden’s special “infused” Thousand Island dressing, and served wit...

  • Taquitos All of The Time

    Episode 6

    There's a party and then there's a party with taquitos! Impress your guests with these recipes crafted especially for large groups, like Chef Bricia’s childhood favorite, Chicken Picadillo Taquitos topped with a super- special Guacamole that you might not be familiar with and a refreshing Agua d...

  • Puerto Rican Pride

    Episode 7

    Join Chef Monti and Chef Giovanna as they celebrate the spirit and resilience of their homeland, Puerto Rico, while making a classic Puerto Rican meal. You can taste the love in every bite of their juicy fried pork, savory red beans and crispy, Arroz Blanco con Pegao - this is definitely dinner w...

  • Beef Welly for The Hungry Belly

    Episode 8

    Some dishes aren't meant to be messed around with. Chef Brendan’s knockout recipe for Beef Wellington is one of them. Straight forward, expertly prepared and undeniably delicious. Save room because he’s serving it with Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus, and an Arugula Salad with Fig Balsamic Vinaigrette....

  • Mofongo and Much More!

    Episode 9

    Pack a bag and send your taste buds on a trip to the Island of Puerto Rico! Chef Monti wants you to experience a few of Puerto’s Rican national treasures - Mofongo, a plantain and garlic mash, topped with a savory Shrimp Stew and Guava Pastries - pillowy handheld pastries filled with guava frui...

  • Deep Fried Jewish

    Episode 10

    Chef Holden is going rogue and taking classic Jewish dishes and turning them on their heads. He’s Deep frying matzo balls and then slathering them in a cheese-y fondue, and he is spicing up Tumeric Roasted Chicken Thighs with middle eastern spices and fruit.

  • Fia-nomenal Food

    Episode 11

    Chef Brendan is inviting you in for a sneak peek into the menu behind his new restaurant phenom “Fia”. He’s sharing his secrets for creating his magical Lobster Bolognese, then he makes an ethereal Olive Oil Cake that he tops with creme fraiche … Compliments to the Chef!

  • Mexican Home-Cooking

    Episode 12

    Chef Bricia is sharing her family's favorites; creamy, Squash and Pasilla Pepper Soup, and their OG “Green Spaghetti” - yes, they eat spaghetti in Oaxaca! Flavored with rich chilies and spices and topped with cotija cheese - you won’t miss the tomatoes. And let’s not forget dessert - Mexican Chur...

  • Momma’s Mexican Comfort Food

    Episode 13

    Chef Bricia takes us back in time to her childhood in Oaxaca, Mexico, for a taste of her mother’s signature meal - Pollo Enchipotlado, a smokey and tangy smothered chicken dish, that she serves with savory Mexican rice topped with sweet bananas. And a classic Horchata to wash it all down. Nothin...

  • Home is where the Roast is

    Episode 14

    Chef Brendan is toasting his mum and grandmum tonight with an epic British Sunday Roast Dinner. On the menu, Rib-Eye Roast with Gravy, Yorkshire Pudding, and Cheesy Cauliflower. For dessert, every British kid’s favorite, Jam Roly Poly. What’s in a name?

  • The Mother of Puerto Rican Menus

    Episode 15

    Chef Monti is cooking with one known to many as the “mother of Puerto Rican Cuisine” tonight, Chef Giovanna Huyke. Together, they are celebrating Mothers in all forms. We celebrate Chef Monti’s Abuela (grandmother) while making her timeless Sorrullos - hand-rolled corn and cheese fritters that ar...

  • Summer’s in the South with Grandma

    Episode 16

    Join Chef Holden reinvents his Grandma’s down-south, fried chicken recipe with tender fried confit chicken, and serves it up with heavenly creamed collard greens and an out of the box Cornbread Semifreddo with macerated strawberries that are the sweet finale to this Mother's Day menu.