Make this Tonight

Make this Tonight

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What's that mouth-watering smell coming from the Tastemade kitchen? Pull up to the counter and join us for a hot meal.

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Make this Tonight
  • Beef & Broccoli and Veggie Fried Rice: Chinese Takeout Staples

    Episode 1

    We’re having takeout tonight! Chef Shirley brings your favorite Chinese take-out classics straight to your kitchen! Just for you, she’s cooking up mouthwatering, Beef and Broccoli with Black Pepper Sauce, a fan favorite, and Veggie Fried Rice.

  • Empanadas For Everyone

    Episode 2

    Taco Night is no joke at Chef Eduardo’s Montana home and he is excited to share with you a hidden secret - he doesn’t always make tacos! Start a new trend with his Green Chile and Crab Empanadas, Pickled Charred Red Onions and a refreshing Avocado and Pico Salad and Lime Crema.

  • New School Goulash and Spaetzle

    Episode 3

    "New School Goulash and Spaetzle" - Class is in session as Chef Tiffany takes us back in time and recreates a recipe that she perfected when she went back to school - Hungarian Goulash topped with a bright Dill Cream. On the side, a childhood favorite, crispy yet tender Spaetzle. Bring this teac...

  • Freedman's: Modern Jewish Ashkenazi Classics

    Episode 4

    Tonight, Jonah Freedman and Chef Ryan proudly introduce you to their groundbreaking restaurant Freedman’s, in Los Angeles. Fashioned after an old school neighborhood Jewish joint, their menu takes Ashkenazi flavors and gives them modern form. Just wait and see their new, tasty take on Chicken Sc...

  • Masterful Mash-ups

    Episode 5

    These recipes are a certified hit at Chef Kristen’s Austin Restaurant, Arlo Grey. Take a peek at some of her eatery’s most popular dishes: the Crispy Rice with Crab and Bacon and Saffron Aioli, Baby Carrots with Smoked Yogurt and Mint.

  • Yacht Rockin’ Kabobs

    Episode 6

    Inspired by years spent as a yacht chef and traveling the world, Chef Eduardo invokes his memories from his time spent in Turkey, as he grills up mouthwatering Lamb Kabob, whips up an easy Shepherd's Salad, and makes a mezze-merising Burnt Eggplant with Yogurt, Honey and Sesame.

  • More Stuff than Greens Salad

    Episode 7

    Chef Kristen’s version of the perfect salad - more stuff than greens! This crazy flavorful Roasted Chicken Salad has saved her on more than one occasion - it’s the perfect balance of salty, sweet and sour. On the side, savory charred broccoli with fried garlic-oregano vinaigrette.

  • Come on, Dumplings!

    Episode 8

    This dumpling menu from Chef Shirley definitely deserves the spotlight. Tonight is all about easy techniques with her sensational Jiaozi Chicken Dumplings and a Wonton Soup that isn't what you would expect. Bring your plus one and get ready to Make This Tonight!

  • Amazing Southeast Asian Travels

    Episode 9

    This menu is the embodiment of Chef Ryan’s love for Southeast Asian ingredients. He combines the techniques and flavors that he learned from his travels abroad and then puts his uniquely NY-Cali spin on them creating one-of-a-kind dishes like Tai Snapper Ceviche with Coconut and Grilled Mackerel ...

  • Grilling Chicken like a Villain

    Episode 10

    Have you ever made a dish endless times but it never seems to get old? This is one of those recipes for Chef Tiffani! She will walk us through the process and share her ultimate summertime grilling recipe for Yogurt Chicken, that she pairs with the perfect Pigeon Pea Rice and a refreshing P-Tow...

  • Date Night Duck

    Episode 11

    Haven't had a date night in awhile? Surprise your beau with this romantic dinner created by the very talented Chef Shirly Chung just for our Tastemade viewers. First, we start with an impressive Five Spice Seared Duck Breast with Kumquat Mustard followed by a Radish and Citrus salad and finally,...

  • The Three Point Dish for the Win: Monkfish Piccata

    Episode 12

    Chef Tiffani describes her Monkfish Piccata with Fennel & Onion as her “...three-pointer at the shot clock buzzer”. Join Chef Tiffani as she shares the crazy story behind this special dish, which she serves with a side of Eggplant Fritto Misto. This is a tale of a gem of a meal being made from ...

  • Not Your Average Steak Dinner

    Episode 13

    In this episode, Chef Kristen Kisch goes back to her midwestern roots and gives an upgraded twist on an old favorite - steak and onion rings. She starts with Leek Fritters & Mustard Sauce, a Green Salad with Pomegranate Molasses Vinaigrette and, the classic cowboy steak, a tender Beef Ribeye.

  • Wild for Rigatoni!

    Episode 14

    Chef Eduardo dishes out his tasty, Mediterranean inspired recipe for Rigatoni a la Vodka with a hunter’s twist by adding homemade Elk sausage and a spicy habanero sauce. And if that wasn't enough, he tops it all with a herby Garden Pesto. To make this epic meal complete, he sautées up Garlic Bro...

  • Same But Different: A.K.A. Italian-Jewish Fusion

    Episode 15

    "Same But Different: A.K.A. Italian-Jewish Fusion" - Chef Ryan combines his grandparent’s Italian braised oxtail with traditional Jewish pierogi dough to create the most pillowy, savory, decadent bite your grandmother never had. Pair that with Fried Artichokes, dipped in Uni-Lemon Cream - it’s so...

  • Hungry for Hungarian Cabbage Rolls

    Episode 16

    Chef Kristen shares tales of her Hungarian Grandmother while recreating her famous Cabbage Rolls with Creamy Sweet & Sour Cucumbers. Supper never tasted so sweet!

  • One Night in Bangkok to fall in love with Pad Gra Pow

    Episode 17

    Chef Tiffani reminisces about a mindblowing trip she took to Bangkok, while she recreates the flavors that made her fall in love with Thai food for the first time: Pad Gra Pow, Papaya Salad and sweet, Coconut Sticky Rice

  • Passover Brisket for The People

    Episode 18

    Tonight we learn about the story behind the dishes served at Passover...and then we learn a few new traditions and tricks to take your satir to the next level: Brisket braised with ginger and Star Anise, and a Fennel, Potato and Matzo Gratin with Black Truffle and Raclette.

  • Dinner with My Chinese Grandma

    Episode 19

    Chef Shirley graciously shares her grandmother’s traditions while creating a traditional Beijing dinner, like Whole Steamed Snapper with Jasmine Rice and Egg Drop Soup.

  • From Farm to Field

    Episode 20

    Join Chef Eduardo as he cooks one magical Montana inspired meal! On the menu, savory Wild Mushroom Bruschetta, a fresh Watercress Salad, and a straight-up Grilled Bison Ribeye. Let's get Wild!