Make this Tonight

Make this Tonight

7 Seasons

What's that mouth-watering smell coming from the Tastemade kitchen? Pull up to the counter and join us for a hot meal.

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Make this Tonight
  • Frightening Fried Fish

    Episode 1

    Ghosts and gastronomy are in the kitchen for this savory and spooky Halloween special of Make This Tonight.

  • Not Your Ordinary Chicken Dinner!

    Episode 2

    Chef Andre shares his secrets to making the most tender and crispy chicken, then whips up a buttery turnip mash and silky mushroom sauce.

  • Epic Fall Feast

    Episode 3

    Chef Alex makes dinner look easy, while whipping up an insanely impressive Rack of Lamb, Roasted Acorn Squash with Burrata and Oranges, and a simple Brussel Sprout Salad with Charred Grapes and Almonds.

  • Craving Chinese

    Episode 4

    Chef Daniel’s craving Chinese tonight, cooking up Salt and Pepper Lobster with Garlic Noodles and Drunken Sauce and puts a refreshing spin on Chinese-style salad.

  • Veggie Love

    Episode 5

    Chef André makes a vegetarian riff on Steak Frites with his crazy tasty Curry Cauliflower Steak, Pea Puree and Mushroom Fries.

  • Sushi Night

    Episode 6

    Chef Alex whips up sushi at home! Starting with a how-to-make on making perfect sushi rice, then he cooks up some light and ethereal Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura, and finishes with California rolls and his personal favorite, Nigiri.

  • Koobideh Everyday!

    Episode 7

    Chef Daniel goes old school and whips up some of his favorite childhood dishes, like Chicken Koobideh, Must Mo Seer and Shirazi Salad, before finishing it all off with a crazy good Saffron Pistachio milkshake.

  • Cocktails and Ceviche-yay!

    Episode 8

    Chef and Mixologist André brings summer vibes to the kitchen with a fresh shrimp ceviche piled high on warm homemade tostadas. He tops it all off with an easy avocado crema and washes it down with a Chipotle Margherita.

  • Crispy, Creamy, Cool

    Episode 9

    Chef Alex steps up his kitchen game with fried calamari and saffron aioli, creamy Risotto with the easiest pesto, and then cools it all down with a creamy and cool Strawberry Granita.