Make this Tonight

Make this Tonight

8 Seasons

What's that mouth-watering smell coming from the Tastemade kitchen? Pull up to the counter and join us for a hot meal.

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Make this Tonight
  • Under the Sea

    Episode 1

    Join our Tastemakers as they bring the freshness from the sea to the table in a variety of dishes to make at home.

  • Ciao Down
    Episode 2

    Ciao Down

    Episode 2

    Full Italian meals from appetizers and main courses to desserts. Come join our Tastemakers on a trip around Italy in your kitchen.

  • Food by Fire

    Episode 3

    Grill up some delicious meals with us in the kitchen, including burgers, Dr Pepper chicken wings and more.

  • Inspired by India

    Episode 4

    One-pot chicken biryani, butter chicken pizza and more Indian-inspired recipes.

  • One-Dish Dinners

    Episode 5

    Casseroles, one pot recipes, and easy skillet meals.

  • Latin Flavors

    Episode 6

    Easy homemade tamales, vegan nachos, enchilada stuffed peppers and more.

  • Mediterranean Cuisine

    Episode 7

    All of your favorite Mediterranean meals and some inspired takes on classic dishes.

  • Asian Essentials

    Episode 8

    Seonkyoung Longest takes you through some Asian pantry staples. Along the way our Tastemakers use these classic essentials to create flavorful and inspired cuisines.

  • Eastern Fare

    Episode 9

    Take a trip through the Eastern Hemisphere with some of Frankie's favorite Asian-inspired recipes.

  • Soups & Salads

    Episode 10

    Today we answer the eternal question: will that be soup or salad? I'll take both, please!

  • Savoring the Sandwich

    Episode 11

    Take a bite out of life with our favorite sandwiches from around the world.

  • Mac'N Me Hungry

    Episode 12

    From childhood favorite to unexpected dessert, pasta does a belly good.

  • Southern Comfort

    Episode 13

    Hold on to your biscuits! We're rolling down the river towards the comfort foods of the south.

  • Date Night
    Episode 14

    Date Night

    Episode 14

    Get some fancy clothes on under that apron! Tonight, we're sharing the best recipes for a night at home with that special someone.

  • Diner Classics

    Episode 15

    Roll up your sleeves and put on those blue suede shoes - tonight, you'll be diner hopping from the comfort of your own kitchen.

  • Down Home
    Episode 16

    Down Home

    Episode 16

    Feeling homesick? These comfort food recipes from around the world will bring a smile to your face and satisfy those cravings from back home.

  • Fast Food Faves

    Episode 17

    Learn how to make all of your fast food favorites from the comfort of your own kitchen!

  • Leftover, but Not Forgotten

    Episode 18

    Don't let those bonus bites go to waste!

  • Of the Vegetable Variety

    Episode 19

    Make some healthier choices with these delicious recipes!

  • Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

    Episode 20

    The bird is the word as we cover all of your favorite chicken recipes!

  • Mysterious Munchies

    Episode 21

    Double, double, toil, & trouble! Whip out your witches' cauldron - we're getting spooky for dinner.

  • Eerie Eats
    Episode 22

    Eerie Eats

    Episode 22

    Can you smell the fear? Or is that just these deliciously spooky Halloween treats?

  • Pleasant Produce

    Episode 23

    Need a little more green in your diet? Our Tastemakers show you how to create delicious meals without the meat.

  • Giving Thanks, Together

    Episode 24

    Collect your loved ones in the kitchen, as our Tastemakers share recipes to be thankful for.