Luke Nguyen's Railway Vietnam

Luke Nguyen's Railway Vietnam

10 Episodes

Celebrated chef Luke Nguyen takes us on a culinary journey in Vietnam, following the tracks of the Reunification Express, a line that runs the length of the country. Luke travels from Ho Chi Minh in the south to Sa Pa in the north embarking on a journey of the senses, which combines his love of food, travel, trains and the Vietnamese people.

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Luke Nguyen's Railway Vietnam
  • Secret Family Recipies in Ho Chi Minh

    Episode 1

    Luke digs deep to find Ho Chi Minh's ‘old’ markets before they disappear as the landscape in District 1 rapidly develops. Join Luke as he gathers some fresh ingredients from a local market, tries some traditional delicacies, and follows his sweet tooth to Marou, in search of the great-tasting cac...

  • Vietnamese Pizza in Dalat

    Episode 2

    Luke's next stop is the popular tourist destination of Dalat. Follow Luke as he visits the iconic Art Deco Dalat Train Station, experiences the French influence of the region with a Father and Son chef duo, and discovers the reason that Dalat is known as the 'Land Of Eternal Spring'!

  • Exploring The 'Wet Market' Of Nha Trang

    Episode 3

    All aboard! In this episode, Luke hops on the train in Ga Thap Cham, and soon finds himself in beautiful Nha Trang- a region of Vietnam with a similar vibe to the French Riviera! Tag along as Luke hand-catches some tasty seafood, explores the streets for some fresh durian fruit, and visit a barra...

  • Fiery Chili Sauce in Hoi An

    Episode 4

    After a 10-hour train ride from Da Nang, Luke finds himself in the charming World Hertitage listed town of Hoi An. Follow Luke as he visits a family who has been making chilli sauce for 5 generations, stops by the Historic Japanese Covered Bridge built in 1719, and meets a 4th generation blacksmi...

  • Seafood With A Bang, Here In Da Nang

    Episode 5

    On this stop of his Vietnam journey, Luke visits the bustling seaside city of Da Nang. Join him as he visits the spectacular Dragon Bridge, looks up some succulent shimp on the beach, and stumbles upon a tiny fishing village packed with restaurants and other hidden gems!

  • Savoury Vietnamese Pancakes in Huė

    Episode 6

    In this episode, Luke visits Huê- famous for its royal heritage and rich cuisine. Join Luke as he visits Con Hen Village to learn a special technique for de-shelling baby clams, searches for best bowl of spicy beef noodle soup, and stops by another family business where they have a unique way of ...

  • Tasty Ant Eggs in Ninh Binh

    Episode 7

    After a long 12-hour trip from Hue, Luke finally gets some rest in the scenic wonderland that is Ninh Bihn. Tag along as Luke meets with a local rice farmer, takes a canoe out for some crab hunting, and ventures deep into the jungle in search of a local delicacy- red ant eggs!

  • Searching For The Banh Da Noodle in Hai Phong

    Episode 8

    This episode, Luke finds himself in the second largest city in northern Vietnam- Hai Phong! This is an extra special stop for Luke, as it's the birthplace of his partner Lynne. Join Luke as he meets some of Lynne's family for the first time, and tries the delcious Banh Da Noodle- a tasty dish tha...

  • Delicious Bun Cha in Hanoi

    Episode 9

    Luke's penultimate stop on his train journey is Hanoi- a beautiful Vietnamese city located on the Red River. Follow Luke on his hunt for an iconic Hanoi dish, Bun Cha- a dish made world famous by the likes of Barack Obama and Anthony Bordain. Along the way, Luke receives some tips from locals, ta...

  • Sipping Gin in Sapa

    Episode 10

    Nearing the end of his Vitenamese journey, Luke stop in Sapa- a peaceful hilltop region that he remembers from his travels fifteen years ago. Join Luke as he rekindles a friendship from his previous visit, learns about a local dish of dried buffalo, and goes foraging for botanicals with a scienti...