Lucky Chow

Lucky Chow

2 Seasons

Follow LUCKYRICE culinary festival founder Danielle Chang as she travels across America exploring the Asian food landscape. The series features many of the country’s most renowned chefs and culinary personalities, such as Top Chef winner Kristen Kish, YouTube sensation Maangchi, Chinese master chef Susur Lee, and ramen renegade Ivan Orkin.

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Lucky Chow
  • Ramen Mania

    Episode 1

    A master class on ramen fundamentals at national purveyor Sun Noodles. A peek inside the mind of ramen madman Ivan Orkin. Yuji Haraguchi shows how to incorporate seafood. A group of Chez Panisse graduates decide to start a Ramen Shop.

  • Koreatown USA

    Episode 2

    East versus West — we explore the Koreatowns of New York and Los Angeles, with K-BBQ mainstay Parks BBQ, Top Chef winner Kristen Kish, Internet Food momsation Maangchi, and Matt Robard, author of Koreatown USA.

  • Northern Thai Cuisine

    Episode 3

    THE authenticating of Thai cuisine. We take Andy Ricker to Las Vegas and Jet Tila to the James Beard House, along with Pichet Ong and Hong Thaimee.

  • Filipino Cuisine

    Episode 4

    Food activist PJ Quesada tells us about his Filipino Food Movement. Tim Luym’s Attic, Kristine De La Cruz’s Creme de la Caramel, Miguel Trinidad and Nicole Ponseca bring us Maharlika, and a “Kamayan” with Susur Lee.

  • Bay Area
    Episode 5

    Bay Area

    Episode 5

    Where the population density of Asians is higher than anywhere else outside of Asia. Interviews with Google’s Asian campus cafeteria director and a visit to their first sit-down restaurant — Baadal, which serves Indian food to thousands of employees. Hodo Soy Beanery. Retired engineers create Eco...

  • Chinatown
    Episode 6


    Episode 6

    The expanding borders of Chinatown and the future of legacies like Nom Wah Tea Parlor, with Wilson Tang and Jonathan Wu. Peking Duck with Ed Schoenfeld and Joe Ng. Hakkasan globalizes China chic, thanks to Alan Lau.