Local Flight

Local Flight

14 Episodes

Join host Shawn Thomas as he travels across the country from LA to Miami, meeting cutting edge mixologists and challenging them to create amazing cocktails using unique local ingredients.

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Local Flight
  • Sweet and Spicy Los Angeles Cocktails

    Episode 1

    Shawn meets up with two local Los Angeles mixologists to make cocktails unique to the LA area, using inspiration from California's famous citrus groves and the world famous Huy Fong sriracha factory.

  • Chocolate and Tea Cocktails in San Francisco

    Episode 2

    Shawn meets up with two Bay Area mixologists to make cocktails with unique San Francisco ingredients, using inspiration from one of the city’s best chocolatiers and a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.

  • Foraging for Local Cocktails in Miami

    Episode 3

    Shawn visits some of Miami’s hottest cocktail spots to make drinks with local Miami produce like sugarcane, and locally foraged herbs and spices.

  • Pickled Cocktails in New York City

    Episode 4

    Shawn visits two hip New York City cocktail spots to make drinks that honor New York’s unique pickling history.

  • Smoky Cocktails in Texas

    Episode 5

    Sean visits two Texan mixologists who are making unique smoked cocktails inspired by the traditions and flavors of beloved local BBQ institutions.

  • Seasonal Cocktails in Chicago

    Episode 6

    Sean visits a historic Chicago bar, and one on the cutting edge of modern mixology, to uncover interesting drinks made with unique Chicago ingredients.

  • Fresh Southern Summer Cocktails

    Episode 7

    Shawn travels to Atlanta and Charleston to visit with local mixologist who are creating stunning cocktails with farm-fresh local ingredients.

  • Fresh Fruit Cocktails

    Episode 8

    Sean travels to Houston and Washington, D.C. and inspires local bartenders to make fresh, fruity cocktails using their local, seasonal ingredients.

  • Premium Cocktails in the Pacific Northwest

    Episode 9

    Sean travels to Portland and Seattle to make unique cocktails from unique regional specialties.

  • Creative East Coast Cocktails

    Episode 10

    Sean travels to Boston and Philadelphia to make cocktails out of unique local candies.

  • Wild West Coast Cocktails

    Episode 11

    From an uni beverage in San Diego to a desert-inspired Vegas drink, Sean explores creative, West Coast cocktails.

  • French Riviera Cocktails

    Episode 12

    Sean visits the luxurious towns of Monaco and St. Tropez in search of unique local cocktail culture.

  • European Seaside Cocktails

    Episode 13

    Sean heads from Cannes to Dubrovnik to see how these diverse seaside towns serve up specialty cocktails.

  • Sun-Soaked Cocktails

    Episode 14

    In the series finale, Sean heads to the sun drenched towns of Mykonos and Ibiza to meet some of Europe’s top mixologists.