Lightened Up

Lightened Up

2 Seasons

What if you could “lighten up” your favorite cheat meals without sabotaging flavor? in this series, Erwan Heussaff shows us how to make healthy versions of commonly unhealthy dishes.

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Lightened Up
  • Filipino Fare

    Episode 1

    Everyone has their favorite cheat meals and greasy spoon dishes they love but if you're concerned about your health you can't eat them all the time. In this episode of Lightened Up, chef and health enthusiast, Erwan Heussaff, tackles some traditional Filipino dishes and finds ways to make even th...

  • Asian Cuisine

    Episode 2

    Chef Erwan Heussaff had always struggled with his weight until one day he made changes to his diet and changed his body. In this episode of Lightened Up, Erwan reinvents some classic Asian dishes like, Korean "Fried" Wings and Sweet & Sour Chicken, to show people you don't have to compromise on f...

  • All About Noodles

    Episode 3

    Who doesn't love a hot bowl of Ramen or a big plate of Pad Thai? These are dishes so many people love and crave but we don't realize how unhealthy they can be for us. In this episode of Lightened Up, chef Erwan Heussaff attempts to remove the guilt and lower the calories by trying to some unique ...