Kitchen Little

Kitchen Little

5 Episodes

Kid chefs team up with the pros to recreate scrumptious viral recipes.

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Kitchen Little
  • Curtis Stone's Cauliflower Creation

    Episode 1

    Adorable Chef Gia is tasked with recreating a popular cauliflower recipe from memory with the help of her assistant, legendary chef, Curtis Stone.

  • Brooke Williamson's Sushi Surprise

    Episode 2

    Chef Brooke Williamson is schooled in the art of "sushi burrito" making by Chef Dylin.

  • Richard Blais' Pretzel Bun Burger

    Episode 3

    This potato and pretzel bun burger is a breeze for mini master chef Emmersyn and her skilled sous chef, Richard Blais.

  • Nyesha Arrington's Croque Madame

    Episode 4

    A croque madame may sound fancy and French, but it's no match for a culinary artist like Mila and her second-in-command, Chef Nyesha Arrington.

  • Eric Greenspan's Sea Creature Creation

    Episode 5

    Chefs Eli & Eric journey 10,000 leagues under the sea to make stuffed squid for dinner.