Happy Halloween!

  • Tricks & Treats

    Spooky sweets are our specialty as we create a cobweb cake, "poison" apple pops, and Halloween window cookies. You're sure to have a frightful night with these tasty treats.

  • The Holiday Specials

    Forget the calendar telling you when it's time for a holiday - there's always a reason to celebrate!

  • Mysterious Munchies

    Double, double, toil, & trouble! Whip out your witches' cauldron - we're getting spooky for dinner.

  • Eerie Eats

    Can you smell the fear? Or is that just these deliciously spooky Halloween treats?

  • Frightening Fried Fish

    Ghosts and gastronomy are in the kitchen for this savory and spooky Halloween special of Make This Tonight.