Gamer Snacks

Gamer Snacks

4 Episodes

Everybody knows that snacking while gaming is mandatory, but hell is a greasy controller and Arron Crascall is here to fix that. From WTF-worthy hybrids to control-friendly finger foods, we’re here to help you create the ultimate gamer snacks. Ready player one.

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Gamer Snacks
  • Bite-Sized Pizza Balls and Smoothie Time

    Episode 1

    When it comes to keeping your controller clean, pizza is a recipe for disaster. Arron and guest Munya Chawawa solve the problem of eating pizza and gaming at the same time by making bite size ham and pineapple and pepperoni Pizza Bombs.

  • Pimp My Fast Food and Bolognese Bracelets

    Episode 2

    Arron and his guests Mam Sham bring you the fanciest, Michelin star looking fast food you’ve ever seen. Arron and his guest KG Tha Comedian eradicate the mess of eating spaghetti whilst gaming with today's double hack - the Spaghetti Bolognese bracelet. Pasta la vista, baby.

  • The Big Vend-Off and Vegan Doner Kebabs

    Episode 3

    Arron and guest Ed Night go head to head to make the ultimate gaming food, using five random items from the Gamer Snack Vending machine. Joining Arron to meet the challenge of eating and making a late night kebab whilst gaming is face-morphing Very Vee Brown.

  • Deep Fried Burger and Luxury Mug Cake

    Episode 4

    Arron and comedian Uncle Ed deep fry some really, really weird stuff as they break new boundaries in the world of deep fried food. Arron and guest Rose Ellen Dix prepare to enter luxury mug cake heaven.