Donal's Asian Baking Adventure

Donal's Asian Baking Adventure

10 Episodes

Donal Skehan jets between six different territories, from the glitz and glamour of Hong Kong and Tokyo to the street markets and hipster cafes of Melaka and Macau, meeting celebrity chefs, family bakers and food entrepreneurs who are all inspired by the growing trend for Asian baking.

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Donal's Asian Baking Adventure
  • Dim Sum and High Tea in Hong Kong

    Episode 1

    On Donal's trip to Hong Kong, he visits one of the city's oldest bakeries, Lin Heung Bakery, for traditional dim sum. Then, he visits Plumcot Bakery for an ice cream 'cold dog' and takes his afternoon tea at the Peninsula Hotel Patisserie.

  • Moon Cakes and Fried Chicken Bao

    Episode 2

    Donal visits Mong Kok Market, where Moon cakes and Wife cakes are much-loved local delicacies. Celebrity chef Christian Yang takes Donal to try sweet delicious Egg Waffles and trendy bao.

  • Singapore's Green Pandan Cake and Curry Puffs

    Episode 3

    In Little India, Donal Samples roti at a market stall and then goes on to a bakery in Arab Street where he tastes the national cake of Singapore, green Pandan Cake. Chef Christopher Tan shows Donal how to make the famous 'curry puff.'

  • Lychee Martini Cake and Pineapple Tart Tatin

    Episode 4

    Donal visits Bread Talk to sample their signature Floss Bun, topped with savory shredded meat. Then Donal takes high tea at The Regent Hotel, a remnant of Singapore's colonial past.

  • Malaysian Gula Melaka

    Episode 5

    In Melaka, Malaysia, Donal braves the Durian Puff then meets Chef Wan to see how Gula Melaka, a rich dark palm sugar, is made.

  • Matcha Green Tea Eclaires and Red Bean Dorayaki in Tokyo

    Episode 6

    In Tokyo, Donal is inspired by the green tea flavors of the Asakusa Market and Koso-an tea house. He also samples the fine dining desserts at Equisse Cinq.

  • Yuzu Citrus Tea Cheesecake and Japanese Milk Bun

    Episode 7

    Donal visits the district of Harajuku, a technicolor dream world devoted to kawaii and finds some surprising but tasty treats.

  • Macanese Almond Biscuits and Creme Brulee Tart

    Episode 8

    Donal takes a dramatic ferry ride across the Pearl Delta to Macau in search of the territory's best bakes.

  • Mandarin Chiffon Cake and Dumplings

    Episode 9

    Donal visits the Glamorous Penguin Cafe in Seoul to sample the European style cakes with a Korean twist.

  • Black Sesame Scones and Bulgogi Pizza

    Episode 10

    In Seoul, Donal visits Mangwon market with Chef Wonil Lee, for a history of Korean baking.