Dish It Healthy

Dish It Healthy

10 Episodes

Clean living doesn’t have to be tasteless. Host Priyanka Naik shares nutritious recipes that taste as good as they feel.

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Dish It Healthy
  • Cook to Impress

    Episode 1

    Create clean, plant-based meals that will make you look like a 5-star Michelin chef to any date, friend, family member or hungry soul.

  • Stay Uplifted

    Episode 2

    Fresh fruit and vegetables help you feel energized and uplifted - Let's explore how dishing it healthy can add to your mood and overall well-being.

  • On the Go
    Episode 3

    On the Go

    Episode 3

    We’re always on-the-go. Here are some meal prep tips, and some quick and easy snacks to keep your go, going.

  • Taste the World

    Episode 4

    You can create flavorful meals from all over the world by adding the right spices, ingredients, and techniques to your plant-based dishes.

  • Stay Fresh Fruit

    Episode 5

    Fruit is Mother Nature's gift to us. In this episode, we explore all the ways we can use fresh fruit to create sweet and savory snacks.

  • Always Eat

    Episode 6

    There's no reason to give up your favorite go-to meal just because you’re eating healthy. Here are some recipes that make your childhood favorites, like mac-n-cheese or classic burgers, a forever thing.

  • Berry Merry

    Episode 7

    Berries might be the most versatile of all the fruit. From desserts and breakfasts, to mud face masks, berries really pack a powerful punch in flavor and flexibility.

  • Sweet Tooth

    Episode 8

    We’re not pulling your leg, carrots are just as sweet as cake. Don't abandon your sweet tooth, just throw away the artificial sugar. In this episode, we help you satisfy your sweet cravings with plant-based, cleaner alternatives.

  • A Little Extra Health

    Episode 9

    Explore recipes that not only offer healthy alternatives for everyday foods, but also provide extra protein and antioxidants. Bonus, they also work for the paleo diet.

  • Unlikely Combos

    Episode 10

    Put these recipes and hacks to the test using unlikely ingredients to make something oh so delicious. Plus, learn about reusing and reducing food waste - an exploration of surprising ways to use food scraps and leftovers.