Curtis Stone's Field Trip

Curtis Stone's Field Trip

6 Episodes

Embark on a global culinary adventure with Curtis Stone and friends as he looks to recreate the spirit of the world's greatest wine regions through elaborate tasting menus at his restaurant, Maude, in Beverly Hills.

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Curtis Stone's Field Trip
  • The Kimberley, Australia

    Episode 1

    A visit to Western Australia finds Curtis in the quintessential Outback where he is educated by an Aboriginal elder on ancient fishing methods and herds cattle with a fifth-generation female rancher.

  • Lombardy, Italy

    Episode 2

    Curtis travels to the Lombardy region at the base of the Italian Alps where tours the prestigious Franciacorta vineyard and picks up a sparkling wine to pair with decadent sturgeon caviar.

  • California's Central Coast

    Episode 3

    Heading up the coast on Highway 1, Curtis visits with a couple who turned from tech to cheesemaking and savors sea urchin with the only female uni diver in California.

  • Umbria, Italy

    Episode 4

    A trip to Umbria finds Curtis chasing canine companions for black truffles and getting a tutorial from a master of porchetta.

  • Margaret River, Australia

    Episode 5

    Curtis searches for inspiration in the vineyards, countryside and shore of this region in the southwest corner of Australia.

  • Rioja, Spain

    Episode 6

    Curtis and friends from Maude travel to the misty mountains of Spain to milk goats, forage for mushrooms and uncork a sixty-year-old bottle of Grenache.