Cooking With Pride

Cooking With Pride

8 Episodes

Ingrid Nilsen teams up with different food experts to whip up meals while discussing issues like LGBTQIA+ experiences, cannabis and social activism.

Cooking With Pride
  • Erin O’Brien’s Pork My Buns XXXX

    Episode 1

    Artist and activist, Erin O’Brien, grinds up some homemade sausages and chats about using food as performance art. She and Ingrid stuff up her Pork My Buns XXXX to honor her friend Chris’s progressive work as a trans filmmaker.

  • Parisa Parnian’s Ghormeh Sabzi

    Episode 2

    Designer and pop-up host, Parisa Parnian of Savage Muse, stirs up ghormeh sabzi and celebrates her LGTBQIA+ inclusive pop ups. She and Ingrid simmer this traditional Iranian dish as they discuss the importance of building your own community.

  • Mac Elliot Jarvis’ Shakshuka

    Episode 3

    Chef Mac Elliot Jarvis serves up shakshuka and speaks about the kitchen being a safe space. He and Ingrid cook comfort food and chat about him using cooking to find confidence in transitioning.

  • Jeff Danzer’s Cana-Caramel Apples

    Episode 4

    Cannabis advocate and chef, Jeff Danzer aka JeffThe420Chef, craves up caramel apple roses and chats about cannabis right. He and Ingrid roll up puff pastry and pontificate on the linked history of cannabis and gay rights.

  • Chef Carter’s Philly Cheesesteaks & Crab Fries

    Episode 5

    Event curator and entrepreneur, Chef Carter, chops up cheesesteaks and chats about creating female friendly experiences in LA. She and Ingrid cut up this classic sandwich and celebrate being a strong woman in a restaurant.

  • Michael Twitty’s Smoked Tea Greens

    Episode 6

    Food historian and activist, Michael Twitty, cooks up collard greens and chats about serving up food as social activism. He and Ingrid craft this classic comfort food while chatting about finding his voice and purpose through food.

  • Ariane Resnick’s Avocado Brownies & Valentine Moonshine

    Episode 7

    Private chef and nutritionist, Ariane Resnick, slices up brownies and talks about supporting the shifting needs of our bodies. She and Ingrid mix up a tantalizing treat while talking about taking back ownership of Valentine’s Day.

  • Jasmine & Sharky’s Rainbow Donuts

    Episode 8

    Restaurant owners and married couple, Jasmine & Sharky, design donuts and discuss diversity in the kitchen. They and Ingrid roll out rainbow donuts and revel in running a queer friendly restaurant.