Broken Bread

Broken Bread

6 Episodes

In partnership with KCET, Broken Bread showcases inspiring people who are making a difference in their communities through food. Restaurant entrepreneur, social activist and acclaimed chef Roy Choi takes viewers on a journey through his hometown, the city of Los Angeles, exploring complex social justice issues while meeting inspiring individuals and organizations who use food as a platform for activism as well as a catalyst for change.
Co-production of KCET.

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Broken Bread
  • Transformation: On The Margins

    Episode 1

    Roy explores the power of cooking to rehabilitate those on the margins of society and the organizations taking a chance on those who need it most. Roy spends time with Father Greg Boyle of Homeboy and Homegirl Industries, the pioneer of socially minded food enterprises focused on transitioning fo...

  • Access: Moving the Plant

    Episode 2

    Roy meets the individuals bringing healthy and affordable food options into South L.A. communities that lack access to fresh food. The journey begins with revolutionary sidewalk gardener Ron Finley on a mission to inspire change, one sidewalk plot at a time. Roy also visits with vegan grocer Olym...

  • Future of Food

    Episode 3

    Roy explores future culinary landscapes looking forward to a world affected by climate change. Roy spends an evening with chefs Henry Fischer and Anna Rose Hopkins from Hank and Bean who make a surprising plant-forward dinner featuring non-traditional protein sources like crickets and jellyfish. ...

  • Cannabis: The State of Weed

    Episode 4

    Roy visits Chris Yang’s Pop Cultivate to explore the emergence of a new culinary landscape since the advent of legalized recreational marijuana. Roy tackles the gentrification of cannabis culture by visiting Med Men, the leader in upscale legal weed retailers in Los Angeles. An interview with Vir...

  • Waste: Recovery and Possibility

    Episode 5

    Roy journeys from L.A. to Orange County to discover how two non-profit innovators are tackling the problem of food waste. Roy visits Robert Egger, whose project LA Kitchen is simultaneously aggregating wasted food, using it to cook fresh meals for those in need, and providing workforce training. ...

  • W.A.T.T.S: We Are Taught To Survive

    Episode 6

    Roy takes a head-on look at efforts to heal the social and economic wounds of Watts, acknowledging one of the oldest communities in Los Angeles as a mirror into ourselves and our future. Led by activist Aqeela Sherrills, Roy visits with Sherrills' mother as she prepares free food for the communit...