Beyond the Block

Beyond the Block

4 Episodes

In Beyond the Block, REALTOR®, Andrew Tyree, takes first-time homebuyers on a journey through their city to find the neighborhood, and home, that is the right for them. Helping them to discover what home is really about.

Beyond the Block
  • San Antonio, TX

    Episode 1

    REALTOR® Andrew Tyree visits San Antonio, TX to explore the rapidly changing neighborhoods and to help first-time homebuyers Mi and Kino explore potential communities and navigate the homebuying process while helping them focus on their needs.

  • Los Angeles, CA

    Episode 2

    REALTOR® Andrew Tyree meets first-time homebuyer Clavacia, who is looking for a home in the competitive real estate market of LA. Andrew introduces Clay to some significant people in the area to show the importance of community when buying a home.

  • Raleigh, NC

    Episode 3

    Patrick and Bailey have been looking for their first home in Raleigh, NC for a year with no success. They are getting priced out. With the help of REALTOR® Andrew Tyree, they find a fresh perspective on home buying and rediscover their city.

  • Fort Collins, CO

    Episode 4

    Rachel & Isaac are chefs and new parents. REALTOR® Andrew Tyree helps them navigate the homebuying process as they look to build a life for their daughter in a community where they can plant roots, open a restaurant, and find neighbors who can become family.