Basic Versus Baller: Travel at Any Cost

Basic Versus Baller: Travel at Any Cost

10 Episodes

Whether you’re pinching pennies or rolling in dough, there are many ways to travel. Join the Vagabrothers as they cross the globe and experience popular travel destinations, each on vastly different budgets.

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Basic Versus Baller: Travel at Any Cost
  • Dumplings, Steam Buns, and Dim Sum, Oh My!

    Episode 1

    In a city with over 60 Michelin star restaurants, one brother will live and dine like a king, while the other will check out the city’s more affordable street food scene.

  • Simplicity vs. Splendor on the Seaside

    Episode 2

    Soaking in the beauty and elegance of the French Riviera, Marko and Alex are in Nice to enjoy the simplicity and splendor of this seaside city.

  • Keep Austin Weird

    Episode 3

    In the state capital of Texas, Marko and Alex see what Austin has to offer. An eclectic city known for its music and cuisine, the guys brave the Texas heat and check out what keeps Austin weird.

  • Levels of Luxury in Laos

    Episode 4

    Sandwiched between Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, Laos is a destination often overlooked by tourists. Marko and Alex are uncovering the hidden gem of Vientiane, the capital city, to see what goes on in this sleepy town beside the Mekong River.

  • The Gainful Grace of Geneva

    Episode 5

    Marko and Alex find themselves in the prosperous and pristine city of Geneva, Switzerland. A city nestled alongside a beautiful glacier-fed lake, the guys will explore the riches Geneva has to offer.

  • The Thriving Traditions of Taipei

    Episode 6

    ​Welcome to the buzzing capital of Taiwan. A rich blend of cultures, old meets new in this thriving metropolis of Taipei. Marko and Alex eat their way through the city, experiencing some unique traditions along the way.

  • The Lion's Share of Lyon

    Episode 7

    Marko and Alex head to Lyon, France, a city known for its gastronomy and endless history.

  • Oceanside in Okinawa

    Episode 8

    Ocean breeze, turquoise waters and a whole lot of amazing cuisine. Marko and Alex are soaking up that island life in Okinawa, Japan and learning what makes it so unique.

  • Genoa From Above and Below

    Episode 9

    In Genoa, the brothers cruise the streets, while one of them gets a taste for the lavish lifestyle of Italy's Northwestern port. They take in all the views: heads in the clouds on a high-flying funicular, and just above water at the local aquarium.

  • The L.A. Lifestyle

    Episode 10

    Green juice, avocado toast, and surfers galore. Marko and Alex are back home in Los Angeles to explore their town, staycation style. From downtown to the beach, the guys do everything fun under the sun in the city of angels.