Andy & Ben Eat Australia

Andy & Ben Eat Australia

15 Episodes

From Tasmania to the tip of Queensland, watch Andy & Ben's raw, real and hilarious journey as they discover what's on Australia's menu.

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Andy & Ben Eat Australia
  • Tasmania: From Cape Grim to Franklin

    Episode 1

    Together with Ben's Dad, Andy & Ben go diving and cook the Milbourne's family special: lightly battered and fried abalone from the boat. They make a quick stop at the site of Ben's new restaurant and then head to Hobart, one of the most talked about culinary destinations in Australia.

  • Tasmania: The Island and the Wallaby

    Episode 2

    On Bruny Island, Andy and Ben meet with locals who take them foraging for native ingredients, and show them how to skin a Wallaby and Possum. To close out the evening, the boys fire up a massive tomahawk steak as they reflect on the Tassie adventure.

  • South Australia: Africola Adelaide

    Episode 3

    Andy arrives into Adelaide and makes a bee-line to visit Africola restaurant, cooking with chef/owner Duncan Welgemoed. Following the creation of an epic feed, Andy heads towards the Barossa via a quick stop at Udder Delights cheese shop.

  • South Australia: Clare and the Lamb

    Episode 4

    It's a freezing morning in The Clare Valley and Andy heads to Terroir Auburn to meet local chef and wild food forager, Dan Moss. Amidst pouring rain, flash flooding and road closures, Dan & Andy head off to meet some local food producers.

  • South Australia: Exploring the Yorke

    Episode 5

    Andy heads down into the Yorke Peninsula where he makes a Blue Swimmer Crab pasta to die for. Following this, he connects with local Indigenous figure and touring leader, Quenten Agius, to forage for the quandong, a native Australian fruit.

  • Melbourne CBD

    Episode 6

    Andy and Ben meet up with chef friend Adam D'Sylva to dine at CODA. The next day the boys enjoy their very own ‘Food Crawl’, sampling hidden gems throughout the city. Then, it’s a night on the town to discover Melbourne’s unique cocktail scene.

  • Melbourne
    Episode 7


    Episode 7

    Andy makes his way down to the Yorke Peninsula to meet some interesting locals that show him the ropes of this quaint region! With a little help from his new local mates, Andy pulls together a to-die-for Blue Swimmer Crab Linguine!

  • Victoria
    Episode 8


    Episode 8

    Andy and Ben visit local producer, Real Eggs, to quad bike across the farm and gather the goods with owner Paul Righetti. Andy continues into Warragul, where he sets up a very successful breakfast stall at the local Farmers Market, using eggs & tortillas he’s gathered along the journey.

  • Andy in New South Wales

    Episode 9

    Andy’s back in Bondi Beach, where he heads to Pocket City Farm with chef Mark LaBrooy. He spends the afternoon in his restaurant cooking with his favorite toys. Then, Mark & Andy hit the road to Parramatta to visit the famous Knafeh Bearded Bakers.

  • New South Wales: All in the Family

    Episode 10

    The boys check out Yum Cha House in Rylstone and pay a visit to the family home in Port Stephens. Then, it's beer-battered Flathead fish and chips with Andy's family on Broughton Island.

  • New South Wales: Great Food Bowl

    Episode 11

    On the road, Andy makes a quick dish for the crew on the beach. In Mullumbimby, he visits Tim Brebner’s Milk & Honey Pizzeria. After a few stops to cook with the best of the local offerings, he crosses the border into QLD as the journey continues!

  • Queensland: The Farm with Cousin Rob

    Episode 12

    Andy harvests CBD honey at Bee One Third in Brisbane and clinks cocktails with Urbane owner/chef Alejandro Cancino at Eleven rooftop bar. Later, Andy heads to the scenic rim and visits Australian Lime Caviar Company in Rathdowney, finally creating a gorgeous meal of honey glazed pork neck at Fall...

  • Queensland: Fishing, Farming & Flying

    Episode 13

    Join Andy as he flies from the Sunshine Coast to the largest sand island in the world. He prepares a sunset Goldband Snapper & sashimi dish, making the best of the tropical landscape & the desirable eco-mansion he and the crew crash in for the night.

  • Queensland: The Tropical North

    Episode 14

    Andy & Ben finally reunite! They adventure through a spring waterfall, local foraging, & spearing crabs in Cairns. The boys end their trip with a surprise adventure to a remote sand bank as Andy remembers all the experiences and people along the way.

  • Tasmania: The Reunion & Cape Grim

    Episode 15

    Andy leaves his new restaurant the Three Blue Ducks in safe hands and heads to Devonport to hop on the road with his old buddy Benny. Together, they hit Tasmania to visit Cape Grim and get hands-on with some of the best beef in the world.