All The Pizza

All The Pizza

7 Episodes

The love, passion and obsession of pizza.

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All The Pizza
  • Pizza on the Brain

    Episode 1

    Meet Carlo, a self-described pizza addict looking to answer the age-old question, "Why pizza?"

  • ¡Pizza! Las Vegas

    Episode 2

    Carlo visits the largest pizza expo in Las Vegas, where dreams are made (and in this case, often eaten!).

  • The Sound of Pizza with Andrew W.K.

    Episode 3

    Carlo and rocker Andrew W.K. dive deep into the metaphysical and craft a kick-ass music video about pizza.

  • Deliverance

    Episode 4

    Carlo gets a job working at his favorite pizzeria, and heads out for a night of pizza deliveries and adventures.

  • Where a Carlo Can Be a Kid

    Episode 5

    After watching the animatronic animals at Chuck E. Cheese, Carlo heads to Orlando to meet the members of the original ShowBiz Pizza band.

  • Home Slice

    Episode 6

    Carlo heads to his home country, the birthplace of his favorite food, in hopes of finally discovering the answer to his burning question, "Why Pizza?"

  • Pizza Paradise

    Episode 7

    After meeting with world-renowned meat and cheese artisans, Carlo heads home to share all he has learned about pizza.